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From Lords to broadcasters, noblemen to sportsmen, well known investment pundit Graham Rowan interviews them all to find out their financial life story.

Every week Property TV brings you a new and exclusive piece of short form news or current affairs hosted by our resident property consultant Stephen Galpin.

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Best selling author Mark Burgess interviews some of today's movers and shakers from across the world. Guests include Daniel Priestly and Andy Harrington.

Property Question Time is your opportunity to write in questions to our resident experts and have them answered on national TV.

Entertain | Educate | Inform

Working along side industry insiders, leaders and experts, Property TV's production team seek out topics of notable interest to provide our viewers with informative, educational and entertaining content.

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Property & Finance


Building Scotland

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China's Trillion Dollar Secret

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Developing Britain

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Stock Market Secrets

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MIPIM with Nicole Bremner

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