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WARNING! You might be an entrepreneur and you didn't even know it!

In day-to-day business I hear a lot of individuals talking about already being an entrepreneur or their wish to someday live out their entrepreneurial dreams. In this blog I will be looking at three warning signs that could mean you too are an entrepreneur!
According to the the ​​​​​​​​​​Oxford dictionary, the word 'entrepreneur' is a noun that describes, 'a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.'​​​

Now, although I agree that this is certainly a factor that could contribute to being an entrepreneur, I do not believe that in order to fit into the category of being an entrepreneur you must have already set up at least one business. Nor do I believe that everyone who, 'sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risk in the hop of profit' is necessarily an entrepreneur by default.

To me (and this is definitely my personal opinion here) entrepreneurship is a state of mind, and if you have this state of mind, be warned - it's hard to shake!

So here are the warning signs I believe you should look out for:

1) If you perceive the most important application on your smart phone to be the 'notes' app. Because where else would you store all those ideas that come to you out of the blue?

2) If to you, 'lunch' is not a welcome distraction from your work, but an annoying interruption of your work flow. I'm eating my lunch right now as I type.

3) If you overhear the word, 'pitch' in a conversation and you are sent into a flurry of emotions thinking about clients and investors rather than football fields. (this particular thought is shared by Natasia Malaihollo, CEO at Sooligan)

Are you an entrepreneur?? 

What warning signs do you think there are? Leave a comment below