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Live The Deam

In this show Steve & Lilly battle it bringing you some of the nations finest homes and asking you to vote for your favourite in the process. Be sure to tune in and get behind one of our fabulous homes by voting on Twitter.

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Sarah Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

Dream Homes with Oliver Heath

Sarah Beeny is a property developer with one huge problem! We follow Sarah and Graham, surrounded by their children and builders as they battle to restore their country house to its original magnificence.
From American architecture to Swedish design, this series takes us to the origin of the inspiration behind stunning homes. This is a real tour de force of big ideas translated into spectacular realities. 

Make Your Money Work

Mad About The House

Never Ever Do This at Home

Homes By Novogratz

Introducing a show that challenges everything we have been told not to do at home. We test every warning you have ever heard or read so that YOU don't have to.    

The Big Flip

Urban Suburban

Home By Novogratz sees husband and wife design team, Bob and Cortney Novogratz take on a design or renovation project that will challenge them to come up with a wildly creative and totally original idea that neither they, nor the audience, have seen before.
In Mad About The House we offer young, cash-strapped couples the ultimate home makeover. There is, of course, a twist. Every DIY and design decision will be taken by the man of the house. The lady of the house will have no input at all.     

Sue's Renovation Challenge

The Really Big Flip

After ‘professional’ wealth managers lost him
£151,600 in 18 months and then fired him for
having a too low net worth, Graham Rowan, is
on a mission. A mission to rid the world of
financial illiteracy.   

The Allotment with Charlie Dimmock

What does it really take to make money in the renovation game? Is it enough to have experience, a keen eye and great taste? Maybe. But add some serious hustle, cool negotiating skills and nerves of steel, and your odds will improve.

Living In

The competition between the city and the suburbs heats up in this lifestyle battle. Homebuyers everywhere face a common dilemma: where do you buy your dream home? Do you live in a smaller space in the heart of the city, or move to the suburbs?
Working alongside Sue and her team of professional builders, two teams of apprentices find the going very tough, and keeping up with Sue's physical and mental energy is far from easy. The ultimate aim is to work alongside their mentor to learn how to make a profit.
Exploring locations that British expats like to call their home away from home. Destinations are as far-reaching as Costa del Sol and the Algarve.
There is no doubt that flipping houses is a tough game, where the stakes are high, relationships are tested and bank accounts are drained. Yet, the lure is powerful. All kinds of people, from all walks of life, want a piece of the action.     
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In a light-hearted but nevertheless educational look at the fashion and passion of 'growing your own', Charlie Dimmock takes an inspirational journey with two groups of allotment plot holders through their challenges and achievements during an English Summer.

The Next Big Thing


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