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Cryptocurrencies with Marcus de Maria

At the end of 2016 world renowned stock market expert Marcus de Maria read that some cryptocurrencies had gone up by 5000% in just 12 months. This information inspired him to do some research, fast. He found that $100 worth of Bitcoins bought in 2010 would be worth well over $27 million today. He quickly questioned how he could have missed out on those returns and decided it was time to get in.

A few weeks of research later and he had bought 15 different cryptocurrencies using speculation money. Most of the coins quickly went into profit, some substantially. Marcus then realised that he needed to take this market more seriously. Marcus started buying more and more cryptos and now owns more than 36 different cryptos and over 50+ positions.

Marcus has teamed up with Property TV to create a television programme dedicated to Cryptocurencies, interviewing 6 of the leading names in the space, including Professor Michael Mainelli  of world famous Z/Yen Group and Vinay Gupta who helped coordinate Ethereum's release in 2015.

Marcus has now also written a 104 page book dedicated to the subject of Cryptocurrencies which includes:

- What are the main cryptocurrencies?
- How are prices determined?
- How to start buying cryptocurrencies?
- Which strategies can be used?
- How to profit from ICOs?
- The future of cryptocurrency
- And 12 more chapters

Because changes in cryptocurrencies happen on an almost day to day basis Marcus will not be printing his book because it will be outdated within months.

The book is only downloadable online and Property TV has made this available by filling in the form on this screen.

Please download the free e-book and enjoy!