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About Property TV 

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June 1st 2015 saw the launch of the UK's first dedicated property television channel on the BSkyB platform, filling an identified gap in the market and meeting the commercial needs of businesses working in and alongside the property industry.​​​​​​​

Headed up by Michael Hammond , Property TV is the UK's only television channel dedicated to the world of property, airing on Sky channel 238 and promising to deliver a broadcasting platform dedicated to the world of property, bringing entertainment, information and education.
Since launch, the channel has:
  • Gained 70+ national advertisers, including Google, BT & McDonalds
  • Attracted over 100 clients that are new to television
  • Maintained and grown repeat business from successful advertising campaigns
  • Begun production on 5 new & different programme titles
  • Created relationships with some of the UK's leading property companies, including 'Property Partners' and ''.    

"The vision for the channel is powerful. Property TV aims to be the number one source for property related information in the UK, a destination for viewers within and outside of the property industry to come to, to gain the most up-to-date information available. Creating a truly invaluable tool."
Michael Hammond - Founding Director, Property TV

Over a three-year period, Michael assembled a first class management team and advisory board which has extensive experience in both the TV and property industries. Together, the team have been involved in the launch of over 50 TV channels and can tap into property industry expertise coming from over thirty professionals working within the industry.

The platform on which Property TV has chosen to launch is BSkyB, the largest paid television subscription service in the UK with approximately 11m subscribers. The Sky broadcasting network also reaches other parts of Europe and is watched by approximately a quarter of a million expats in Spain and Portugal.
Property TV operates from its own studio and office in Ashford, Kent, where the majority of its operational staff are based. Having its own dedicated and bespoke fully staffed 4k studio enables the channel to film as and when it needs to, allowing it to provide the most up-to-date property information to its audience. Additionally, Property TV has a London base in Covent Garden.
Our viewers are almost exclusively adults, with 34-54 year olds and 55 + featuring heavily. On average a large proportion of our audience has been shown to be ABC1 viewers.
Statistics accurate at time of creation.
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